A government-funded escape

5 02 2009

On September the 4th 2007, a 14 year old boy was stabbed with a knife in front of his school in Ghent. The artery in his neck was severed and he remained in a coma for almost a week. His attackers turned out to be 2 of his schoolmates. They were brothers, 15 and 16 years old, from an Ukrainian family that was applying for asylum in Belgium.

Investigations in Belgium can drag on for years and the two brothers are still awaiting their trial. In the meantime however, the office for foreigners rejected the asylum application of the family and asked them to leave the country, which they did, with their sons, who were free on probation. As always when illegal immigrants leave voluntary, the office for foreigners payed for their flight and gave them a €250 bonus per adult.

This is Belgium: the country where criminals are paid to escape the country before their trial…

The Attorney general of Ghent admits that the office for foreigners was not informed about the investigation against the 2 brothers. “We can’t inform the office for foreigners about all investigations against foreigners. There are simply too many of them” the Attorney general says. The office for foreigners says they can’t warn all 27 Attorney generals each time they are about to put someone on a plain. And so nobody talks  and criminals escape unpunished.